From Drab to Fab: The Art of Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Makeovers

everything from mood to appetite and visual size, and can even lower or raise the home value. So choosing a cabinet color is no small decision.

The savvy choice for those wanting a wallet-friendly and environmentally conscious kitchen transformation is to have their existing cabinets refinished rather than replaced. Refacing saves on the cost of raw materials and demolition, and cuts back on waste in landfills. Plus, the process can often be completed in days versus weeks, meaning less disruption to your family life.

Whether you opt for an entirely new kitchen palette or simply paint the doors and drawer fronts, cabinet transformations can give your space a major update without blowing your renovation budget. And, if you choose wisely, the result will be eye-pleasing for years to come.

A few well-chosen paint colors can transform your entire kitchen and create a look that’s unique to you. When selecting a color for your cabinets, keep in mind the walls, countertops, backsplash, floor, and appliances to ensure all of these design components work in harmony. If you’re working with an open-plan space, the kitchen cabinets should complement colors in adjoining living areas for eye-pleasing continuity.

While white is still the most popular cabinet color, other neutral shades have a lot to offer. For example, grays can provide the perfect backdrop for your favorite pottery or accent pieces while ensuring that cooking stains are easy to spot. Soft grays also pair nicely with warm wood tones, allowing the natural grains to shine through.

Black remains a timeless and versatile option for kitchen cabinet colors, with a range of shades from deep charcoal to delicate off-blacks. It’s also an excellent choice for creating a monochrome aesthetic, pairing well with brushed brass hardware and fixtures, and adding a dramatic touch to a contemporary or modern kitchen.

Painting cabinets is a DIY project that’s easier than it looks if you use the right tools. A quality paint sprayer makes the job go faster and minimizes drips and mess. Also, be sure to remove the cabinet doors and lay them flat on a table when painting, as this allows for better access to the frames. You can also hire a professional to handle the task for you.

If you’re ready to breathe fresh life into your kitchen, consider a cabinet refinishing makeover service from your local cabinet refinishing company in Tampa. A team of experts can help you create a custom color to suit your taste and match the rest of your design scheme. Plus, we’ll have your cabinets looking like new in no time.