Welcome to Green GRL!

Designing furniture that looks good and is also friendly to the environment is our greatest mission. Every single piece is thoroughly analyzed so that it perfectly blends in the requirements of our days.

Get the most comfortable and all natural furniture that is ecofriendly. We use materials straight from nature making sure that when they are no longer in use, nature will take them back. The curves and the designs are excellent for any home that wants a modern look.

About Our Company

  • 1 Best materials that can be recycled
    All the materials that are used can be recycled with ease. This will lower your impact on the environment.
  • 2 Innovative and modern designs
    The furniture looks simply great in any given home. The modern designs are excellent for people who love style.
  • 3 Continuous assistance in personalized designing
    In case you want a particular piece of furniture, we can help you get it in the right dimension for your home.
  • 4 Highly awarded concepts
    All the designs and concepts that we work with were awarded at furniture design competitions and fairs.

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Featured Projects

Title: A cozy living room
The concept behind this living room is to offer a warm feeling to the inhabitants.

Title: Luminous bedroom
Playing with natural light is the center piece of this project.