Types of Custom Retail Storefront Signage

A custom storefront sign is used to promote your store or shop. It is a permanent form of advertising and should be well-thought-out and executed in a professional manner. There are three main factors to consider when ordering a custom storefront sign. First, your design should be as simple and relevant as possible. The second consideration should be the longevity of the sign; it is best to use signage that can last up to three years.

Vinyl Banners: Vinyl banners can serve as an effective alternative to outdoor signage when it comes to promoting a business. Because they are easily noticeable and easy to read, they have become very popular among businesses, particularly those that operate within the tourist industry. Vinyl banners are available in both standard and custom sizes and come in various colors. To ensure that your banner stands out, purchase from a reputable signage company that offers color matching solutions. In many instances, vinyl banners are used as a temporary form of outdoor signage, as they are best suited for displaying seasonal promotions, announce special events and other relevant information for only a limited period of time.

Dimensional Letters: Displaying directional or address changes on dimensional letters are an effective way to modify your signage elements in the least amount of time and at the lowest cost. Dimensional letters are made using high-density polyester material, and have been on the market for several years. Dimensional letters are also commonly used in indoor and outdoor signage and can provide a great return on investment for businesses that are looking to enhance their branding efforts without a full-scale renovation. Dimensional letters are designed to last, making them an excellent choice for businesses that often change their address and phone numbers on a regular basis.

Lighted Signs: When choosing between lighted signs and dimensional letters, it is important to understand the differences between LED and fluorescent technology. LED technology has exploded in recent years and is now being used in both outdoor and indoor lighting systems. LEDs can be found in both lighted signs and dimensional lettering, and help businesses that need signing light with a higher degree of visibility to their customers. Dials and lighted signs can offer the same level of visibility and are more suited to business types that are located in lower-visibility business areas, like malls and other popular shopping districts.

Monument Signs: These types of sign panels are commonly used to display important messages, for various purposes. One common use for monument signs is as an advertising backdrop. Signage companies that sell sign panels in large rolls will provide you with a large selection of sizes, materials, and colors to choose from. This allows businesses to easily match the size of the text on the monument sign panels with the dimensions of their signage space. Because most monument signs are square, this allows for easy reading when considering both text and dimensions of your sign panels.

Pole Signs: Similar to the other two types of signs, pole signs are square and rectangular in shape, and have the same important characteristics of directional signs. Pole signs do not offer any color options and are best suited to use as an outdoor signage solution in store locations, or in high-visibility areas like court rooms and other public areas. Since most businesses do not use signs like monument signs to emphasize the importance of their products or services, pole signs are best used in conjunction with directional signs or other outdoor signage displays. These signs are also useful for informing pedestrian traffic about different areas of your business location.