Elevate Your Outdoor Space With These Cutting-Edge Privacy Fence Styles

A well-designed fence can do more than simply mark a property line. Great fencing ideas enhance privacy, help frame outdoor living areas and even make vegetable gardens look great. From eco-friendly bamboo slat fences to trellis privacy fence ideas that support climbing plants, the options are endless. The best part is that many of these contemporary fence ideas don’t require high-maintenance care. Made with either vinyl or aluminum, they’re resistant to the rot and mold that plague older wood and chain-link fences.

For a modern backyard, try a metal trellis fence idea that features a lattice-work design that supports climbing plants. Metal trellis fences are available in a range of heights and can serve as either perimeter or garden fences. This modern backyard fence idea is a great option for homeowners who want to add more greenery to their yard.

If you’re looking for a unique wooden fence idea, consider a basketweave pattern that uses vertical and horizontal panels that are interwoven together to create a visually appealing pattern. This unique fence style may not provide as much privacy as a standard board-on-board style, but it’s sure to grab attention from passersby.

Another interesting wooden fence idea is a pallet privacy fence, which is made from recycled wood from shipping pallets. Whether you choose to use whole pallets or remove the planks, a pallet fence will give your backyard an organic vibe and can be painted to match your home. This is a great backyard fence idea for urbanites who have little space to plant but would love to bring some life to their yards.

A modern backyard privacy fence can also be created using stone walls. This is a stylish and durable solution that provides both privacy and security, especially if you live near a highway or busy street. The key is to ensure the stones are properly installed so that they’re both secure and aesthetically pleasing.

You can create a natural-looking backyard fence idea by planting shrubs. Evergreen shrubs like hollyhocks, rose mallow and globe thistles can instantly bring a garden to life and add privacy to an outdoor living space. These plants are also hardy, so they can stand up to the elements and thrive in sun or shade.

If you’re a homeowner who enjoys a more formal and classic aesthetic, then you’ll appreciate this gorgeous black picket fence. It’s perfect for those who don’t want a fence that’s too busy or overly ornamental. If you’re looking to add more color and privacy to your backyard, then consider a white picket fence. The clean lines of this unique wood fence design will complement any greenery or flowers you plant and will let the colors in your garden really pop. If you need a reliable fence contractor in Milwaukee, click here.